In order to be effective, a Website strategy should address not just how an organization will handle the wants and needs of its user base, but also how the organization will make that user experience happen operationally. Do not put up a website too quickly and without any idea or planned strategy in mind. 


Take Time to Develop
A Website Strategy

Many businesses build their website without taking the time to create a plan for their online presence. When you undertake a task like building a website, it’s important to spend some time planning before executing. Providing your company information such as high definition pictures and verbiage from brochures help us plan your website. We can start planning your site today. 


Plan Your Web Presence...
then Execute the Plan

Good Web Design is Clean, Crisp and designed with primarily the user in mind. With websites, less is always more. We convey your business message to the visitor and use quality images. One fantastic image on your home page is worth more than 100 bad images inside. We can create a Website that separates you from the competition. Call today for a free consultation. 

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To attract, engage and retain customers, you need to promote your site on the latest digital marketing media channels. Linked2 integrates digital marketing’s most powerful media including social, search, email, blogs and press releases. There are now 47 search engine directories to list your business in, and hundreds of social media outlets to promote your site on.


Prevent Website Float...